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Mallards Wood Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At Mallards Wood we strive to continually improve the high quality childcare that we provide; ensuring that the Nursery is a safe, caring, and above all fun environment in which to be.

Aims for Children:

  • To treat each child as the individual that they are, developing a care plan that caters and addresses their individual needs and requirements;
  • Respect the needs of all within the Nursery, with respect to their cultural, religious, and catering needs;
  • Provide, and facilitate, a learning environment following the EYFS framework, which is safe, secure, and above all fun;
  • To encourage children to be confident, independent, inquisitive and to develop responsibility for themselves;
  • Provide a full and balanced curriculum to allow children to make steady and continual development so that they reach their full potential;
  • To promote a healthy, balanced, and varied diet, that caters to the needs of all children in our care; and
  • Provide a well equipped and safe outdoor area to encourage all year round outdoor play.

Aims for Parents:

  • To work in partnership with Parents or Main Carers to support their child’s learning and development; sharing their child’s achievements and progress on a regular basis;
  • Assist and give guidance to Parents or Main Carers of children with special educational needs;
  • To listen to Parents or Main Carers in order to continually assess and improve the childcare services we provide; and
  • Keep Parents or Main Carers informed of any changes within the Nursery.

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