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Policy & Procedures

The Nursery has an extensive, and thorough, set of ‘Policies & Procedures’. The ‘Policy’ is a collective-agreed statement of beliefs by which the Nursery abides. It is a course of action recommended for the Nursery in a given situation. ‘Policies’ inform ‘Procedures’.

The ‘Procedures’ is a written method, or course of action, to be taken in a given circumstance.

These ‘Policies & Procedures’ enable the Nursery to plan, and provide evidence, that sound practice is taking place, are reviewed on a regular basis, and are updated when deemed necessary.

These include:

  • How we communicate with Staff and Parents;
  • Quality Improvement in Learning and Teaching;
  • Child protection and safeguarding;
  • Equality and inclusion;
  • Supporting individual children; and
  • Food and nutrition.

These are just a few of the ‘Policies & Procedures’ within the ‘Policies & Procedures’ document.

We ask that Parents or Main Carers read these thoroughly when registering a child at the Nursery. Ask a member of the Management Team for a copy when you register your child at the Nursery.

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