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The key person, following EYFS guidelines, and based on the assessment of the child, will customise the development of each child to meet the child’s changing development needs, interest and abilities.

Home-based assessment

Once a child is registered with the Nursery, an initial assessment of the child is conducted; this is carried out by the Nursery Manager within the child’s main place of residence. This is the most relaxed and natural environment for both the Parents or Main Carer, and the child.

Within the Nursery environment

Each child will have an own record of achievement folder, where written records are kept to show the child’s development. Each child’s key person will be responsible for following the development of each child allocated to his/her care, and will do so in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Written observations taken during free play; and
  • Planned adult led and child initiated activities.
  • Age 2 – progress check
  • Just  after your child turns 2, your child’s key person will give you a written summary of how your child is progressing against the 3 prime areas of learning:
  • Communication and language;
  • Physical development; and
  • Personal, social and emotional development.

This is called ‘the progress check at age 2’.

This check will highlight areas where your child is progressing well, as well as examine areas where your child might need some extra help or support, to ensure that their developmental needs are achieved – and how Parents or Main Carer can work with the key person to help.

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