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Spell my name

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For this you will need:

  • A4 paper;
  • A4 coloured card;
  • Coloured pencils or paint;
  • Glue; and
  • Round-ended scissors.

How to make:

  • Download the template on this page.
  • Help your child to pick out the letters in their name and a few that aren't in their name – don’t choose to many, just the letters that make up their name and three others to start with;
  • Help your child to cut out the letter – this helps your child to concentrate.
  • Glue the letters onto a piece of A4 paper or card;
  • Ask your child if they can recognise the letters that make up their name, and arrange in order so that their name is spelt correctly.

For a different activity on a different day, you can let your child decorate the letters using paint, glitter, or by cutting out pictures from a magazine and gluing these to the letters .

You can also punch holes at the top of each letter and string them together to hang up in their room.

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